I began seeing the world framed by a lens after graduate school, when I left Minnesota with a backpack to travel Asia and Europe for 5 years. I bought my first SLR in Hong Kong, where it became my steadfast companion, helping process novel and visually chaotic worlds.

Returning to Los Angeles immersed me in a world of visual entertainment, resulting in 18 years of work as a theme park attraction designer for Walt Disney Imagineering. In all design, I value elegance – spare, satisfying complexity.

A B.S. in biology and a lifetime of tromping thru woods and floating in lakes and oceans give context to my focus on natural subjects. I am particularly interested in isolating views of individual plants, breaking them into fundamental units.

As a linguist (M.A.) I value the human power to assign meaning via deliberate composition. Hoping to provide new impressions of familiar objects, I strip away layers of information, allowing fresh connotations to arise in the absence of usual contexts.

Check out my jewelry design site to see more of my work.

Lexicon of a Grass no.4 / Part of a series documenting the visual vocabulary of a single species of mounding grass (Carex Testacea) bordering the Descanso Gardens entryway, this macro photograph documents the dynamic expressions created by associations between individual blades, light, and wind.